For employers

Employers (Companies, Organizations, NGOs, Embassies, Recruitment Agencies etc.)- looking for recruiting qualified candidates, offers innovative technology and superior services to streamline the hiring process. Our services include:

  • Posting your vacancy
  • Placement of your Advertisement Banner
  • Spreading information about your vacancy and advertisement amongst candidates as well as companies

Time saving- You don’t need to go anywhere or send a courier with the text of your advertisement. You just need to contact us and send your vacancy information and job description via e-mail as soon as the terms are agreed; we will do the rest for you.

Number of visitors our website is more than 7,000 and it is rapidly growing every day.

Posting job vacancy and placement of advertisement banner is fee-based service.

P.S. While posting your job announcement you are welcomed to put your company name and contact e-mail address or alternatively we are able provide you with special e-mail address which will be programmed in a way that candidates` CVs sent the special e-mail account will be forwarded to your company e-mail address automatically. This could be done to avoid your company e-mail account from spam attack.

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